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Apartment For Rent in Tay Ho – Something You Just Can’t Miss

It was not a long time ago that I decided to travel around Vietnam to enjoy the splendor of the place and the people, and my dream destination has always been Da Nang. It came quite surprising for me that during my trip to the beautiful city of Da Nang, I recognize much resemblance between this sea city and Hanoi, the city in which I started my teaching career 2 years ago. Despite the difference in the people, the language and some cultural traits, I can still grasp the sensation of a peaceful and friendly Da Nang as I did during my time in one of the best apartments for rent in Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Local papers may have painted a picture of an active and perhaps an overcrowded Hanoi. However, Tay Ho district has always stood out as one soothing and calming place, and the apartment for rent in Tay Ho is the number one choice for expats. Here’s why:

Vibrant nightlife with dozens of stores, pubs and bars

The nightlife of Tay Ho, Hanoi is the center of many activities in the vibrant and dynamic city with many stores, pubs, and bars where expats can chill and get indulged in the entertainment, food and drinks. As for the surging number of foreigners residing in Tay Ho, there are more and more places to enjoy quality time after a long day at work. It can be local bars with bilingual staff, or it can be sidewalk-shops with craft beer stalls that offer eateries and tasty bar snacks. Indeed, there is no better place for partying and drinking than this place.

Apartment For Rent in Tay Ho – Something You Just Can’t Miss

Besides all of the partying and drinking, Tay Ho Westlake may come to you as a cultural and eclectic place. From the apartments for rent in Tay Ho, you can witness the transformation from a peaceful and arcadian sensation to a bustling and energizing vibe. As the neon lights are on, the Hanoi skyline is lit up, reflecting the beauty of monuments and famous landmarks, including Sunshine Riverside and D’. El Dorado.

A Large community of expats for better life experience

The formation of expats’ community in Westlake has been there since day one, and the group is growing stronger than ever, which connects the members geographically and virtually. You can always find groups of expats on Facebook with a plethora of experience, tips and knowledge about the city. The locations and eatery destinations are also very diverse, giving you many choices and much help.

In apartment for rent in Tay Ho, people respect the cultural identity and traits of expats; hence, you will always feel welcome when living in this place. From my own experience, living within your native community, you can find many insider tips, advice and guides about the area from the experienced expats. I personally think that the life in Westlake housing is the best when compared with many places I’ve tried before. The atmosphere and the friendly people here is the reason why I could overcome the cultural barriers and the difference I encounter during my years here. Your concerns about legal papers, jobs and housing are answered by many expats here, which saved me a lot of time and effort. That’s why I could rent an apartment for rent in Tay Ho without any difficulty. As I plan to finish my journey in Da Nang city, leaving the place was such a pity for me.

You’ll be surprised at the housing quality of Westlake housing

Well, Westlake Tay Ho is definitely not one of the central districts of Hanoi, but the housing quality is upsurging! In contrast to the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the central districts which are damped with flocks of people, the land per capita figure in Tay Ho is much lower, making the air the space of this place more comfortable for habitants. The most obvious difference is the air quality. I can still remember me enjoying refreshing time in the morning in Tay Ho’s streets, not having to deal with tons of dust. This alone can make the place the most livable district of Hanoi.

Apartment For Rent in Tay Ho – Something You Just Can’t Miss

Most of the housing projects in Tay Ho possesses the beautiful and breathtaking view over the sparkling water of Westlake, bring out the exquisite sensation and the closeness to nature. Inside the apartment for rent in Tay Ho district, expats can wholeheartedly enjoy the modern yet sophisticated lifestyle in Hanoi.

For myself, I chose to live in a big housing project in Lac Long Quan Street, which has a direct view of the famous Westlake’s Twin Dragon and the lake itself. Finding the perfect apartment in such a complicated Hanoi housing market, even my circles of acquaintances and friends could not help me. Only when I came across the ad of Alphahousing leasing agency can I find myself the dream home. The agent who helped me offered me a great number of listings and took me to the most promising ones. They were very patient and helpful, that’s why I can find myself an incredible living space among the Hanoi skyline. If you want to find apartments, you can visit here.

Because it was a high-class apartment, the interior design reaches the state-of-the-art standard. Now writing about it, I can still feel the space decorated with European and Neo-classical style, the furniture of top-notch quality and so on. Besides the luxurious ones, expats can always resort to cheap apartment for rent in Tay Ho or even shared apartment, which can cost you up to $300/month (including electric and water bills). My advice for anyone who’s trying to save, the cheap apartments are always available, as long as you spend much time on it.

The life in Hanoi, especially when I’m living in one of the best apartments for rent in Tay Ho, has always been the best memory of me in Vietnam. With this trip to Da Nang, I hope I can once again live in iconic views and tranquil housing. Many thanks to the service at

By Eric D. Reeves
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