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Should I Use A Rental Agent to Help Me Rent in Da Nang?

Posted by admin on March 18, 2019
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Finding house for rent in Da Nang, Vietnam can be an overwhelming task for some people, especially those who come to the city for the very first time. The abundance of information on the market, the linguistic challenge communicating with property owners, the poor understanding of local laws and customs … such problems can stand in your way and leave you feeling exhausted. That’s when rental agents come to help. A good agent will handle all the hassles of renting process, making life in the new city potentially much easier.

So exactly how can they help you? Here are five reasons why working with a rental agent will cause you far less trouble (or no trouble at all!) than doing it on your own.

Rental Agent has the edge of large, reliable database

For many rental amateurs, the first thought that comes to their mind is finding a house for rent is just as simple as making posts on some popular Facebook groups. Some spend (quite a few) minutes composing extremely detailed posts describing their demand and positively expect to find the perfect house for rent in no time. Sadly, 90% of the comments are just random spams advertising a studio apartment when they ask for a 2-bedroom house or a city center apartment instead of the beach side kind that they desire. And even if you are lucky enough to find something that fits your needs, how can you ascertain the information provided? Therefore, in order to save your time and avoid potential troubles, a reputable rental agent would be the better option, compared with handling on your own. Many agents have official websites with specific listing of hundreds of apartments and houses for rent (here is an example), so the searching process can narrow down to just a few clicks (instead of endless typing and mouse scrolls hoping for uncertain responses).

Rental Agent can swiftly find properties suitable to your needs

Vietnamese can be a tricky language to grasp, which might prevent tenants from accessing information on Danang rental market. And even when language is not your barrier, local landlords are used to working through rental agents and often reserved in helping foreign renters. The agents, on the other hand, have the advantage of vast updated data and profound knowledge of the market. Which location is convenient for commute to your workplace, which place is close to picturesque natural sights of Danang, what type of property will meet your requirements and budgets … competent staff from rental agents will listen to all your needs and identify the satisfactory house for rent in no time.

Rental Agent will strike a favorable deal for both tenants and landlords

Without thorough comprehension of Danang rental market and local customs, it can be difficult for foreigners to negotiate with property owners for appropriate prices and terms in the leasing contracts. In such cases, consulting a reliable rental agent will be the most efficient solution. As it is integral to their profit, rental agents are always on a mission to secure mutually acceptable agreements on price as well as terms and conditions. The risk of overpaying or contract breaching at the hand of unscrupulous owners is also eliminated by employing trustable agents. Since maintaining a strong relationship with the rental agent is crucial to their profit, landlords are going to meet all the obligations agreed in the leasing contract.

Rental Agent save you from dealing with paperwork

Drafting a leasing contract is nearly impossible for those who are not fluent in Vietnamese. In addition to that, most tenants would admit that they neither have the head nor motivation to learn the legal ins and outs relating to renting. In the absence of a legally binding leasing contract that safeguard the interests of all parties, tenants may be left without a leg to stand on when disputing issues occur (including condition and contents of the house for rent not matching the promotion, damage and loss of amenities during rental period and the resultant loss of some of the deposit money and so on). On those occasions, a rental agent would be your savior as they are capable of writing legally valid contracts in both Vietnamese and English, as well as providing detailed explanations to any of your queries concerning the terms and conditions of the contract.

Finally, Rental Agent make renting much more convenient

Finding a house for rent is one of the top priorities of anyone intending to settle down in Danang. A house may be more than just a place to stay; it can bring of inspiration, motivation or relaxation; but, as a matter of fact, hardly anybody relishes going through the motions of searching single-handedly for an apartment or a house for rent. Thanks to rental agents, negative emotions associated with rental property hunting are gone as they are in charge of all the burdening tasks, from dropping into houses after houses, thoroughly examining the house condition to haggling with landlords for mutually satisfactory deals. Hiring a rental agent would save not only your effort but also your time and money. For some agents, like House Rental Danang, the service is provided free of charge as their income is from the commission they receive from landlords once their properties are rented.

In conclusion, a rental agent could be regarded as the most effective option for rental in Danang, particularly if you are a novice. If you decide to choose the option, the vital questions to answer is the service quality and credibility of the agent, which can be referred through friends and families or satisfied landlords and tenants. At House Rental Danang,  it is our honor to assist foreigners in their search for rental property in Danang with a prompt, high-quality and friendly rental service. Thanks to positive reviews from our customers, we are motivated to continue and constantly improve our services. Protection Status

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